Why Does Carpet Stink After Cleaning?

when we get our carpets washed from professionals we usually don’t get to lay them and put tables and furniture on it straightaway, there is a certain amount of time that we need to wait before placing anything on it because the carpet has absorbed a lot of moisture and even if the professionals have used heavy duty dryers it would still take hours for it to dry, this process is equally as important as cleaning and taking the dirt out, because if we don’t allow it to dry properly it would smell really bad and this isn’t something that you can afford to take a chance on because once it develops that odor then it will not go away that easily and another wash and proper drying would be the solution to it, so be patient about the drying process when the professionals leave because it will not only create a stinking smell but it might develop mold and that would create hygiene issues in your home.

There are simple steps that you can do to get the carpet dried properly and these steps really go a long way, first of all what you must do is create proper air flow, this is will take longer than other options but it is a fool-proof method which will ensure that all the moisture is dried up naturally, usually the professionals bring in heavy duty dryers which instantly take out most of the moisture but even that doesn’t mean that you can place the carpet straightaway, you might have to go in with another round of dryer or blower which will help it dry quicker, if you searching for carpet cleaning near me in Baytown TX then stop that search and log onto baytowncarpetcleaningpros.com and get the services from a top professional.