What Size Pressure Washing Hose Do I Need For My Dewalt 4200 PSI Machine

It is fairly common for people to be truly exhausted by how much effort their daily cleaning needs require of them, and the natural byproduct of this disillusionment is them deciding to buy the most expensive and powerful power washing machine that residential consumers have access to. DeWalt manufacturers some of the most cutting edge pressure washing technology in the world, and their 4,200 PSI machine can clean things that even professionals might have hesitated to tackle.

Since you have spent so much money on a high end machine, suffice it to say that you need to get the right accompaniments for it as well. One thing that you might be wondering about is what size hose you should attach to the output portion of the machine. The reason behind this is that this can greatly impact the quality of your power wash, but that only happens if your hose is far too long. Your hose should be long enough to get to all of the parts of your house that you need to clean, but try to minimize its length because excessively long hoses make the pressure less intense than might have been the case otherwise.

As for the thickness of the pipe, we feel like a quarter inch passage will help you get the most concentration for your jets. You are trying to maximize pressure here after all, since this force is the very thing that will blow away dirt and grime. Half inch openings can also do the trick, but they might reduce pressure similarly to a longer than necessary hose so try to stick to the fundamentals.