What is a Water Closet in Plumbing?

Some of the terms that are used in plumbing may seem downright confusing to you, but that is not a reflection of your overall level of intelligence to any degree whatsoever. There is a pretty good chance that many of these terms are quite outdated, to the point where they are throwbacks to a time long gone by and most people just don’t really think to change these terms because they already know what they mean. One of the most controversial and disputed terms in the world of plumbing is water closet, and suffice it to say that you would be amazed at how simple its definition is when we reveal it to you.

If you were to call  Metro Vancouver Plumbing and ask them to fix your water closet, they might be rather impressed that you are using this term and they would also tell you that it basically just means a toilet! That’s right, while water closet may sound really fancy, it’s just a really old term from the days when flushes had only recently been invented.

The truth of the situation is that a water closet is more specifically referring to a toilet that has a built in flushing mechanism, but that is pretty much every toilet nowadays. Back in the olden days, toilets that could flush were pretty revolutionary. They had to have specific water pipes added to them which was new, and that was what resulted in them being called water closets. These days the term is a bit too dated, but some plumbers still use it because it technically refers to the water that is being sent through the toilet which matters quite a bit.