What Does a Cockroach Look Like

Out of all of the various pests that people might get upset by, cockroaches may just be the worst offenders of all regardless of any objective facts or truths that might set the record straight. There is a pretty good chance that you would want nothing more than to just move out of your place if you see a single cockroach there, and if you are unlucky enough to be faced with a larger cockroach that is of the flying variety it’s fairly likely that you’d go for the nuclear option and just straight up set fire to your home!

We can’t blame you for being so paranoid about cockroach control, but the truth of the situation is that an insect that you saw might not even be a cockroach at all. Some insects are perfectly harmless and they can even do you some good by killing other kinds of pests without creating an infestation of their own. Hence, knowing what a cockroach looks like is a fairly fruitful thing for you to obtain some understanding about.

The fact of the matter is that cockroaches are usually brown in color, although some are a darker shade whereas others are a bit lighter. They all have iridescent exoskeletons though, and while many can’t use them they almost always have wings as well. Some cockroaches have red bands around them which means that they are a distinct species from their compatriots, but that will not change the manner in which you will exterminate them. The lucky thing about cockroaches is that they are some of the easiest pests to kill as well since you just need some basic bug spray to finish them off.