What Do Periodontists Do

Your gums and jawbone are two things which support your teeth and keep them in place. Periodontics is a field of dentistry which specifically deals with these two important parts of your oral health. A periodontist is not your regular dentist, and that is because they are allowed to perform specific surgeries on your gums and bones beneath your teeth.

Let’s see what else periodontists in Mission Valley, CA can do.


A periodontist is a dental hygienist and surgeon who can help you maintain proper dental hygiene, and can also perform surgeries on your teeth to keep them in perfect shape. These professionals are specifically concerned with diseases which can affect your gums.

Periodontists differ from dentists because they get an additional three years of practice in their particular domain before getting certified.

There are lots of good periodontists available in every area, and you can find a good one easily as well.

Gum Disease And Periodontist

If you are at an early stage of gum disease, the professional does not need to perform a surgical or invasive treatment. They can use general procedures like scaling and planing to avoid gum disease from spreading further. These techniques proved to be useful in many cases, and stop the progression of gum disease.

However, if your gum disease has crossed a specific point and your gums do not sit well with your teeth, the issue can be addressed by the professional with the help of a surgical procedure. These surgical procedures are designed to address the loose pockets which form around your teeth if nothing is done about your gum disease.

If you do not get proper treatment for your gum disease in a timely manner, you will have to get your teeth removed. However, tooth removal is always an extreme measures taken by the professional after careful consideration.