Things to Consider While Looking For Vintage Signs to Add to Your Collection

Passions and hobbies know no bounds, especially if your hobby happens to be collecting different vintage items or signage. If you have recently developed this hobby then you’re probably fairly new and amateur at telling apart good ones from the bad. When you come across a lot of these, it is your trained eye that matters the most in these times. However, for newbies it is a fairly difficult task which requires patience and experience to learn from. Of course, doing your research is also helpful in these cases.

We talked to the experts at Route 32 Auction signs and asked them for different things that they take into consideration while they are on the lookout for vintage signs to add to their collection and following are some of the factors to consider while looking for vintage signs to add to your collection, check them out below.

Condition of The Sign

Never buy your signs before you carefully examine them. So if you think you’ve hit jackpot and see some place that sells abundant of these signs it is important that you examine each piece closely and check if the condition is good enough for you to actually place it within your collection. There could be some pieces that might need little restoration which could potentially also be kept within your collection as well but if there is something that requires a lot of restoration, you may want to reconsider those.


Another thing that you could potentially keep in mind while you’re scouting for a good vintage sign is to determine whether it is of any value to you or not. Everything in signage business does have value but most of the signs that are of value tend to be bigger in size.