The Ultimate Biking Solution For Tall And Heavy Riders

Finding a bike that suits either heavier or taller riders has always been a next to impossible thing for many people. It is because not every company produces bikes that suits either heavier weight or taller heights and therefore the conventional ones do not possess the right technology or features. However, Zize bikes; the only store that manufactures bicycles suitable for heavy riders curates a variety of bicycles that are ideally built for heavier people, to let them fulfil all their dreams.

E-Bike For Taller Riders

Finding a bike that is especially designed for towering people is no easy task and most of the times, such individuals end up choosing the typical bikes for themselves. However, with advancement in the biking technology, today it is possible for tall and sturdier people to live up their dreams with Zize 29er Max 2.0.

The bike is designed with extra large wheels and with a frame that renders ease of maneuvering and ride. This allows the person to ride the bike on any terrain and surface rather than just being limited to mountain biking. The bike can bear the weight of 400 pounds maximum which makes it ideal for both tall and heavy individuals and also for those who look forward to improving their fitness through riding a bike.

E-Bike For Heavier Riders

It is not the only the tall individuals that suffer at the hands of limited bike choices, but the category encompasses the heavier people as well. It is for this reason that obese people find it hard to make their lifestyle more mobile because they do not have the right tools and equipments to help them do so. Here is when A New Life 2.0 E-Bike comes to the rescue. This bicycle for 300 lbs man is not only functionable by man power but also features an electric motor that facilitates riding the bike for longer routes and while ascending a hill.