The Potential of Quantum Technology to Change Cryptography

Almost every web-based application uses encryption or cryptography to keep itself safe. This technology is used to keep your private data safe, and avoid any unwanted person from accessing it. This encryption is indicated by the lock icon you see next to the website URL in the search engine.

Quantum technology has the potential to change cryptography, or encryption as we know it. This type of technology can make our devices and applications save from quantum computers which will be developed in the future, and might be used to hack into our systems. The type of encryption we use in our applications these days will not be enough to stand against quantum computers if they come into existence.

The current encryption method we use is called RSA. It creates a number of public and private keys, and runs when we are using our browsers. The private key is created with the help of an algorithm, and consists of a large quantity of numbers. This key is then used to create a public key with the help of another algorithm. While the information can be encrypted with the help of the public key, it can only be decrypted when you use the private key.

The current encryption system works because a large amount of computational power is needed to decrypt the public key and find the prime numbers which were used to make it. However, these prime numbers won’t be particularly hard to find for a quantum computer. This is the main reason why we need quantum technology in the encryption field.

New quantum cryptography algorithms can be applied in the creation of public and private keys to defend against the use of quantum computers and hacking. This is how the quantum technology can change the field of cryptography forever.