How to Stop, Start or Restart Print Spooler

Printers are really handy devices; they can help you convert a variety of documents and pictures into hardcopies. While printer technology has come a long way, they still tend to give us trouble every now and then. This is due to the fact that printers are slower than computers, and they often get overloaded when given too many commands. Problems with your print spooler are really common, and fortunately they are easy to fix as well. If your printer keeps on giving your trouble, you can always consider discussing your problem with companies such as agrtechnology.

Print spooler is a service that is provided in the Windows 10 which keeps the print jobs going while managing the connections with your printer. There can always be problems in the connection or in the printer itself, but if you figure out that none of these are causing a problem, then that means there is an issue in the print spooler. This causes your documents to get stuck while printing.

This is why there are some steps that need to be followed. One way of doing so is by using services to start, restart or stop print spooler and the other is by using the task manager to do so.

When using services, there are a couple of steps to be followed:

  • Click on Windows, type services and search
  • Then, in services window, follow a few steps and find Print Spooler
  • Or, you can double click on the Print Spooler to being the service.
  • Restart service etc.

When using the task manager:

  • Click on task manager
  • Click on services and find Spooler
  • Check whether it is running or not
  • Select spooler and click on start
  • Restart your printer etc.

Following some guidelines provided by companies, you can easily solve any issue within minutes.