How to Buy Products on Amazon And Get Them Shipped to Brazil

One of the main reasons why Amazon is loved all around the world is that they have a reliable customer service, good return policy and they ship on time. But there is a limitation placed for every country on Amazon. You can only search and buy specific products that are being sold on Amazon and are also available for shipment in your country.

But, does amazon ship to Brazil? Well, the answer can’t be given as a simple yes or no. Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers in countries like Brazil where people cam find a lot of stuff that is usually not available for buying on other retail stores or even online stores in the country. But one of the main issues is that some of the products that you’re looking to buy might not be available for shipping to Brazil. So, the process of actually buying the products that aren’t available for Brazil and getting them shipped to Brazil can get a lot more difficult.

But Don’t Worry

There are a lot of forwarding services available that you can avail to get the unavailable products shipped to Brazil very swiftly and safely. These services actually buy a warehouse in the US, have you place at order with them, then they place an the same order with Amazon and get the product shipped to their warehouse. Then, they forward the order to your address in Brazil, or any other country that you might be living in.

Good Shipping Costs

The shipping costs that you have to pay in addition to the Amazon’s costs are not that much higher. You can actually get your product delivered to Brazil that would’ve been impossible otherwise, and paying some extra money for that isn’t bad at all!

This also solves the payment problem as these services would charge you through a domestically available mode of payment.