How Do Dental Veneers Work

If you’ve always wanted perfect teeth without invasive or painful procedures, the best option for you may be to get dental veneers. This is a paper thin layer, tooth colored porcelain or composite is molded into shells which perfectly fit into the contours of your teeth. This is a purely cosmetic treatment which is used to fix discolored, uneven, worn down teeth or teeth with gaps.

When getting veneers, you first visit your doctor for consultation who will then examine your teeth and assess whether getting veneers is the way to go for you. They will then grind a few millimeters of you enamel, exactly the thickness of the veneers that will later be added in its place. Then they will take a model of your ground teeth which will be sent to a laboratory and used as reference to make your veneer. This process usually takes two to four weeks during which you may be given a temporary veneer to take the place of your permanent one while its being prepared.

When your veneer finally arrives, your dentist will put it in place and then adjust the shape and color. Your veneer will be trimmed according to the shape of your teeth till it is the perfect shape. You can find more information on dental veneers on

In the next step, your teeth will be cleaned, polished and etched to make them rough so the cement that will be used to fix the veneers into place will have something to hold on to. Once the veneer is cemented into place, a special light will be placed in your mouth which fixes the cement into place through a chemical change. Excess cement will then be removes and minor tests and adjustments will be made to ensure the best adjustment for your now perfect teeth.