Here’s How You Can Differentiate Between a T-Bone And a Porterhouse Steak

For all the steak lovers out there who also happen to be fond of doing some cooking in the comfort of their homes would know the real joy of serving a dinner that you make from scratch. Steaks are one of those items that reflect sophistication and your technique. For beginners it can be a very technical thing to cook but if you have the right knowledge you will be able to get the best possible results. These days the most popular cuts of meat that you will find people throwing around are T-bone or even porterhouse. However, it is the matter of being able to differentiate between them. The reason why most people tend to have trouble telling the difference between porterhouse and t bone is because both of them tend to have a T shaped bone that tends to have meat on both the sides.

So the best way of telling them apart is by knowing which meat or cut comes from which part of the body of the cow. A porterhouse steak cut usually is extracted from the rear end of the short loins which is why there is a lot more tenderloin included in this cut as well as a strip of meat. Whereas, the t bone cut comes from the front and has very little ratio of tenderloin.

There is a major difference in opinion when it comes to the percentage or ratio of the tenderloin to be included within the steak for it to be termed as a t bone or a porterhouse and there is no standardization for it. Each country and region has their own variant for it so you could look up the one you usually follow and then go with that.