Guide to Spending a Perfect Day in Roanoke

There are lots of beautiful places in the world that you can visit. Usually, even if an area it’s heavily advertised for its destinations, you can always find something interesting once you visit the area.

Roanoke is one of such places which you probably don’t hear or read a lit about, but will definitely make you love its beauty once you go there.

Roanoke can overwhelm you with the numbers of places to visit, so, we’ve made a checklist of the best destinations you must visit in Roanoke if, let’s say, you had only one day to visit the valley.

The Perfect Staying Place

Whenever you visit Roanoke, you must stay in Hotel Roanoke. It is amazing hotel which is counted as a historic place. It has lots of amenities, and is on a walking distance from the downtown, a win win for any traveler. The price of this hotel will blow you away, positively. It is amazingly affordable for what it provides you with. Its really a top class hotel, but with only a fraction of the price that you’ll usually pay for such hotels in big cities.

Great Food

You can sit in the Regency Room of the Hotel Roanoke after a bust day of travelling and exploring the area to try out what the hotel’s restaurant has to offer. You can eat really good food here for an affordable price, and the occasionally, you’ll find music brands playing here to make your dining experience perfect and worth remembering.


You can also explore some great bars in the area to enjoy drinks whenever you feel like. You can try out local bars like Lucky, as they will serve you the drinks that you would hardly find elsewhere in the US. For clubs, you can search for top nightclubs in Roanoke and visit them for some amazing night entertainment.