Features Your MIDI Keyboard Controller Must Have

These days, if you want to create quality music, you will have to rely on much more than just the traditional music creating equipment. This is the main reason why midi keyboards are making their way in mini set ups around the globe.

However, without certain qualities, your midi keyboard and its controller are useless. So, here are some of the best features your midi keyboard controller must have. Keep these in mind when investing in a good keyboard.


Having keys is one of the most basic, yet the most important features of any midi keyboard. When it comes to the number of keys on your midi keyboard, you will get them depending on the size of the keyboard and the specs you are choosing when ordering.

So, make sure that your midi keyboard has an appropriate number of keys depending on your personal needs. Getting insufficient number of keys in your keyboard can result in you getting restricted in your music production tasks.


Basically, your keyboard will need to use either a USB or Midi connection to get connected with the device it will output to. While some of the modern midi keyboards come with the USB connectivity option, others still need you to use the midi connector to connect the keyboard with the sound source.

So, when using the right midi keyboard model for your set up, make sure that it has sufficient connectivity options available.


If you want to start creating music, you will need proper software to control your midi keyboard as well. Without its software, the media keyboard will basically be useless.

So, as soon as you unbox your new midi keyboard, set up its software as well.

These were some of the best features your midi keyboard controller must have.