Facts About Snake Chaps

Although snake gaiters are perfect for below the knee snake protection, many snake rich areas require you to have more protection. Snakes can be long enough to bite you above the knee, or certain types of snakes climb up the vegetation to bite you above the knee. This is where the snake chaps come in.

Snake chaos are also known as snake leggings, and they act as full pants to save you from snake bites on your legs.

Not All Are Perfect For You

When buying a snake chap, avoid the brands that label their products as snake chaos, but actually ship below the knee snake gaiters. They are great, but you do not need them for now.

You should look for snake chaps that also cover your knee. When you are paying for something, you better get the exact thing that you require. So, the snake leggings you buy must be of full length.

Snake chaps can be worn over your pant, and are held in place with a belt or belt loop. While snake chaos are a perfect choice to save you from snake bites, they can also save your legs against thrones and things like that. These things can concern you if you are only wearing regular pants.

What Are The Downsides?

In3 of the biggest complains about snake chaos is that they can get warm pretty quickly. Snakes are also active in warmer times, so, be careful.

Another thing is the price of some premium brands. The prices can go up pretty quickly once you start looking at some good brands. So, the snake protection comes at it’s own cost. The hiking chaps can be really heavy. Combine it with hours of walking on a rough track, and you are looking at a significant load to bear.