Best Tourist Attractions in LA You Must Visit

Los Angeles has long been known for its buzzing film industry aka Hollywood. It has been attracting many talented actors, and actresses from around the country for over a century now.

Today, LA has much more than just the Hollywood film industry. It has lots if tourist attractions, and is counted as the creative center of America.

For the visitors, LA packs warm beaches, busy neighborhoods, Disneyland and Universal Studios. There are lots of other things in LA worth visiting as well.

Let’s take a brief look of some of those tourist attractions in LA.

Universal Studios

Universal studio is a working movie studio, and its theme park is has some of the best rides based on movie characters. The rides are always changing in Universal Studies theme park.

There is a special ticket that you can buy to skip all the lines and enter every ride right when you want.

Disneyland Resort

Disneyland is one of the most famous family vacation destinations in LA. It has been attracting tourists from around the country for over 7 decades now. This Disneyland is a but special one, as it has various lands based on movie themes that you can visit.

In Disneyland, you will see the Disney characters wandering around to make everyone’s day better.


Hollywood is the famous suburb of LA, with lots of things worth seeing in it. Most of the things that you will see in Hollywood are usually connected to the film industry.

You can spend whole one or two days exploring the Hollywood area. You can even spot some celebrities there if you are lucky enough.

LA has lots of other sights as well, you can check out the relevant blog by Witney Carson for more places.